Delhi Hit by Severe Storm with Winds at 92 KM/Hr: Two-Day Alert Issued for Further Impact

New Delhi experienced a tumultuous night as a powerful dust storm swept through the city, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. With wind speeds reaching up to 92 kilometers per hour, the storm caused widespread chaos and disruption, prompting authorities to issue a two-day alert for residents to brace for further impact.

Disruption and Damage: The high-velocity winds uprooted trees, leading to blocked roads and traffic snarls across various parts of the city. Power outages compounded the situation, plunging neighborhoods into darkness and exacerbating the challenges faced by residents.

Challenges for Commuters: Navigating the streets became a daunting task for commuters, particularly two-wheeler riders, who had to contend with flying debris and reduced visibility. Many motorists were forced to seek refuge from the storm, adding to the already congested roads and highways.

Weather Outlook: As the storm subsides, the meteorological department has forecasted continued strong winds coupled with light rain for the next two days. This weather pattern is expected to bring a much-needed respite from the sweltering heat, albeit with caution due to potential hazards associated with severe weather conditions.

Regional Implications: The storm’s impact extends beyond the confines of the city, with broader regional implications influenced by a Western Disturbance. Himalayan regions may experience snowfall and heavy rains, signaling a significant shift in the weather dynamics across northern India.

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