Crackdown on Vehicle Modifications: A Stricter Enforcement Approach

In a bid to uphold road safety standards and ensure compliance with motor vehicle regulations, authorities have initiated a rigorous vehicle checking and fining campaign. Spearheaded by the Superintendent of Police and executed under the supervision of additional law enforcement officials, the latest operation aims to crack down on unauthorized vehicle modifications that pose risks to road users.

On May 13, 2024, a vehicle checking operation was carried out at the Juhla bypass post, yielding significant findings. Two capsule vehicles (bulkers) bearing registration numbers MP19HA0978 and MP19HA3071 underwent thorough scrutiny, revealing glaring violations of registration conditions.

Violation Unveiled

Upon meticulous inspection, it was uncovered that both vehicles deviated from mandated specifications, sporting a mere 18 wheels instead of the requisite count. Further investigation revealed that the modification entailed the removal of one axle from each vehicle, flagrantly breaching the registration stipulations outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act.

Consequently, the vehicles were impounded and subsequently stationed at the NKJ police station for further legal proceedings.

Penalizing Non-Compliance

In light of the infringements, authorities swiftly acted, issuing a hefty fine as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. A total challan amounting to Rs 12,000 was levied, with each capsule vehicle bearing a fine of Rs 6,000. The penalties were imposed under the purview of Section 52/182A(4), 51/177, and 94/177 CMVR of the Motor Vehicle Act, underscoring the gravity of the violations.

Operational Oversight

The vehicle checking operation was conducted under the vigilant supervision of Subedar Monica Khadse, the outpost in-charge of Juhla Bypass. Alongside her were dedicated officers including Police Officer Rajesh Kori, constable Deepak Chakraborty, and Duman Das, ensuring the seamless execution of the enforcement endeavor.

Looking Ahead

As authorities intensify efforts to curb unauthorized vehicle modifications and bolster adherence to regulatory frameworks, such crackdowns underscore a concerted commitment to fostering safer roadways and safeguarding public welfare. With stringent enforcement mechanisms in place, errant motorists are reminded of their responsibility to uphold legal mandates, thereby fostering a culture of compliance and accountability on the streets.

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