Monday, February 26, 2024

    Zerodha’s Kite app goes down for 3rd time in 3 straight months


    New Delhi, Dec 4 , Brokerage firm Zerodha’s trading app Kite on Monday suffered another technical glitch, marking the third straight month the platform has faced such issues.

    This comes on a day when the stock market opened at an all-time high.

    Users turned to X to went out their frustration as they were not able to login into the app due to the glitch.

    “If it’s event day, the probability of going #zeroda down is 100 per cent. @zerodhaonline,” a user wrote.

    “I am just feeling sad for positional traders who are not able to login to @zerodhaonline on a day like today with 300 points gap up #zerodha,” another user said.

    One more user mentioned, “Down again on an important day. Anyone else facing the issue with ⁦#Zerodha ? Why ????? SCAM 2023 Zerodha #scamzerodha”.

    At 9.29 a.m., Zerodha in a post said: “Some of our users are facing issues with logging into Kite web. We are looking into the issue. In the meantime, please log into the Kite mobile app.”

    About an hour later, the brokerage firm posted that the issue had been resolved and also apologised for the inconvenience caused.

    “Some of our users were facing issues with logging into Kite and adding instruments to the marketwatch. These issues are resolved. We regret the inconvenience caused,” Zerodha said.

    Zerodha last went down on October 31 and November 6, with multiple users complaining about the technical glitch related to order placement, with orders not being executed and other problems, such as orders not exiting on its Kite app.




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