Vistara pilots’ demands reflect broader Tata Group airline challenges, AI pilots unions tell Chairman

New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Air India’s two pilots unions, the India Commercial Pilot Association (ICPA) and the Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG), joining the Vistara pilots’ protest against the new contract following its decision to merge with Air India, have told Tata Group Chairman N. Chandrasekaran that the issue “reflects broader challenges” before the group’s aviation businesses.

“The pilots of Vistara have been steadfast in their advocacy for fixed 70 hours compensation, improved working conditions, and stable roster. After thorough assessment and consultation, we firmly believe that their demands are not only reasonable but also reflective of broader challenges prevalent within Tata Group airlines,” the unions said in a letter to Chandrasekaran on Thursday.

They also said that the concerns expressed by the Vistara pilots are not isolated incidents but rather indicative of systemic issues that extend across various Tata Group aviation entities.

“The issues of 70 hours fixed remuneration, approval of leaves, adequate rest periods, unstable roster, stretching pilots to max flight duty, botched roster practices and an unsupportive work environment are consistently echoed by pilots across different Tata Group airlines,” the letter read.

The unions alleged that the pilots are being subjected to conditions and treatment “reminiscent of bonded labourers”.

“There have been instances where HR has resorted to threatening pilots with potential disruptions to their future, accompanied by severe consequences. Threatening pilots with disruptions to their future is not only unethical but also creates a hostile and intimidating work environment. It is deeply concerning that HR, which should serve as a support system for employees, is resorting to such coercive tactics,” they said.

The letter said that the pilots who feel threatened or intimidated may be reluctant to report safety concerns or speak up about issues that could impact flight operations.

“This poses a significant risk to the safety of our passengers and crew members and should not be taken lightly,” it read.

“We urge Tata Group leadership to engage in constructive dialogue with the pilot community, listen attentively to their feedback and take proactive measures to address their legitimate grievances. By addressing the concerns raised by the Vistara pilots, Tata Group can demonstrate its commitment to fostering a culture of fairness, transparency and employee welfare across all its aviation ventures, which is missing at the moment.”



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