Pune: Maharashtra Witnesses Surge in Mango Exports, United States Dominates Market Share

The boost in mango exports from Maharashtra has been a significant development for the agricultural industry in the state. The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board’s Export Facilitation Center at Vashi has played a crucial role in facilitating this surge in exports. According to recent statistics provided by Milind Joshi, Deputy General Manager of the Board of Marketing, a total of 974.89 tonnes of mangoes have been exported as of June 23, which is one and a half times higher than previous years.

Among the various destinations, the United States has emerged as the largest recipient of Indian mango exports, with a staggering 806 tons being shipped to the country. This is a notable increase compared to last year’s export of 576 tonnes. Other countries that have received mango exports include Japan (41.64 tons), New Zealand (86.26 tons), South Korea (3.88 tons), Malaysia (0.46 tons), Australia (27.29 tons), and European countries (8.60 tons).

The mango varieties that are predominantly exported are Hapus, Kesar, and Baiganpalli (badami) mangoes. Shipments of these mango varieties were sent to Japan on April 8 and to the United States on April 11. Although mango exports to the US and South Korea have ceased due to the return of inspection teams from both countries, exports from other regions of Maharashtra, such as Junnar, are ongoing. Additionally, mango exports from South and North India are also contributing to the overall export figures.

Despite a decrease in Hapus mango production in the Konkan region this year, the availability of other mango varieties has compensated for the decline. The quality of mangoes selected for export by the traders of Vashi Bazar Committee has contributed to the continuous growth in mango exports. However, it is important to note that direct exports from farmers or agro-producer companies remain relatively limited, as highlighted by Milind Joshi.

The establishment of the state-of-the-art export center facility in Vashi by the Board of Trade has played a pivotal role in supporting mango exports from Maharashtra and other regions of India. This facility has facilitated efficient export processes and has been instrumental in the success of mango exports from the state. With ongoing exports from South and North India, it is expected that the export figures will continue to rise in the coming weeks.

The surge in mango exports not only contributes to the revenue of farmers and traders but also showcases the high quality of Indian mangoes in the international market. The growing demand for Indian mangoes, particularly in the United States, reflects the popularity and recognition of the superior taste and quality of Indian mango varieties. The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board’s efforts, along with the support of traders and exporters, have played a significant role in promoting Indian mangoes globally and expanding the market for this delectable fruit.

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