IndiGo Airlines Collaborates with Sula Vineyards and Fratelli Vineyards to Offer Luxury Experiences

IndiGo Airlines has joined forces with Sula Vineyards and Fratelli Vineyards to provide exclusive holiday experiences for its customers traveling to Nashik and Pune, respectively. This partnership aims to offer more than just air travel and gives passengers the opportunity to indulge in specially curated 6Experiences and explore the wonders of ‘India by IndiGo’.

Unforgettable Stays at Sula Vineyards As part of this collaboration, IndiGo passengers heading to Nashik will enjoy complimentary offers when visiting Sula Vineyards. Surrounded by picturesque vineyards, guests can indulge in luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, and breathtaking surroundings. The goal is to provide an unforgettable experience that exceeds travelers’ expectations.

Stays at Fratelli Estate Similarly, IndiGo will extend partnership benefits to passengers flying to Pune by offering exclusive discounts on stays at the Fratelli estate in Akluj, Maharashtra. Guests can look forward to exploring the largest vineyards in India, enjoying intimate accommodations, personalized cuisine, and special offers on seasonal rates. IndiGo aims to create a memorable and value-packed experience for all guests.

Neetan Chopra, Chief Digital and Information Officer of IndiGo, expressed his delight about the partnership, stating, “IndiGo is thrilled to combine travel with on-ground experiences, and our collaboration with Sula Vineyards and Fratelli Vineyards exemplifies this commitment. We are dedicated to connecting people to places in a way that goes beyond the ordinary, enhancing the overall experience and value.”

He added, “By offering exclusive tours and discounts, we aim to create unforgettable memories and enhance the journey for our valued customers. IndiGo remains committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences that are affordable, hassle-free, and on-time across the network.”

Gregoire Verdin, Global Brand Ambassador of Sula Vineyards, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We’re soaring with excitement as Sula Vineyards and IndiGo join forces for this new era of tourism right here in India. No need to jet off abroad when we have a beautiful vineyard that dazzles and flavors that delight. From exploring our vineyard to enjoying a stay at our exclusive vineyard resort, The Source at Sula, we cannot wait to welcome you. Let’s embark on a delicious adventure together, exploring the wonders of our own vibrant terroir. Cheers to discovering the magic of our vineyard!”

Gaurav Sekhri, Managing Director of Fratelli Vineyards, also expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with IndiGo to craft a truly captivating and immersive adventure. At Fratelli, we are proud of the vineyards we have created and welcome guests to explore them. They can enjoy exclusive and custom-curated itineraries against a backdrop of charming and endless vineyards. Relish the fruits of the terroir – filled with rich, little discoveries. This partnership showcases our commitment to offering 6E guests an unforgettable exploration, coupled with the seamless travel experience provided by IndiGo.”

IndiGo’s Commitment to Elevating Customer Journeys According to the statement, the exclusive offers resulting from this partnership will be available to passengers who book flights directly and exclusively through IndiGo’s website or app. This ensures that customers have access to these special experiences and further enhances their overall journey.

IndiGo’s collaboration with Sula Vineyards and Fratelli Vineyards demonstrates the airline’s dedication to providing holistic travel experiences, encompassing not only air travel but also curated adventures that highlight the beauty and richness of India’s vineyards.

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