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    Diamonds of the Road: Uber Pro’s Exclusive Rewards for Top-Tier Drivers

    Unveiling Uber Pro: Revolutionizing the Ride Experience in Pune


    Uber, the leading ride-hailing platform, has introduced ‘Uber Pro,’ a groundbreaking rewards program designed to empower and recognize drivers across 12 cities in India, including Pune. This innovative program is crafted to support drivers in achieving their goals both on and off the road, offering them new avenues to earn, additional options and support, and enhanced discounts on essentials to keep them moving.

    Uber Pro, inspired by drivers and their commitment to providing exceptional service, aims to improve the overall platform experience. By incentivizing drivers with good customer ratings (above 4.8) and low trip cancellations, the program seeks to create magical and seamless trips for both riders and drivers.

    Shiva Shailendran, Director – Operations, Uber India & South Asia, expressed, “Drivers are at the heart of what we do at Uber. We are committed to providing a great ride experience for a rider and driver each time they choose Uber. Uber Pro rewards drivers who provide a great service to riders by maintaining a high app rating and low trip cancellations. It will go a long way in promoting the adaptation and continued use of the Uber platform by top-rated drivers who have made us #IndiaKiRide over the last 10 years, and will improve the overall experience on the Uber app.”

    Uber Pro Tiers and Benefits

    Uber Pro introduces four tiers: Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with Diamond representing the highest achievable tier. Drivers commence their journey with a Blue tier status, progressing by earning ‘points’ for each completed trip and fulfilling other criteria. These points reset every three months, determining the driver’s tier status over a rolling period.

    As drivers ascend to higher tiers, they unlock exclusive perks and experiential rewards offered by third parties. These benefits include discounted vehicle maintenance and motor insurance, access to microcredit offerings, and more.

    Uber Pro Benefits Include:

    1. Cash Rewards: Diamond-tier drivers, maintaining the top rating for a full quarter, receive a cash reward of INR 10,000.
    2. Area Preference: Drivers from top-tier Diamond and Platinum tiers enjoy a daily two-hour window to choose trips from their preferred areas, adding flexibility to their driving routine.
    3. Priority Support: These top-tier drivers receive priority support, allowing them to skip queues at Uber greenlight centers and receive specialized assistance from top support agents.
    4. Automatic Premier Eligibility: Eligible drivers are upgraded to receive ‘Premier’ trips on the Uber app, increasing the likelihood of more trip requests and higher-value trips.
    5. Exclusive Discounts: Gold-tier drivers benefit from a 30% extra discount compared to market prices on Castrol vehicle PMS.

    Microcredit and Insurance Benefits:

    • Enhanced Microcredit Limits: All tiers have access to differential enhanced microcredit limits, aiding drivers in achieving personal goals, such as supporting education or contributing to household expenses.
    • Discounted Insurance Premiums: All Uber Pro drivers are eligible for discounted premiums on Life, Health, and Motor insurance.

    Riders booking an Uber will now be able to see the driver’s tier status, while drivers can track their progress within the Uber app. Currently live in 12 cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and more, Uber plans to expand the program to additional cities in the near future.

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