Thursday, February 22, 2024

    Amazon’s Commitment to India: 2 Million Jobs and $26 Billion Investment by 2030


    New Delhi, 27th June: The impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s international visits is becoming evident as Amazon announces its plans to create a significant number of job opportunities in India. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State, took to Twitter to share the news that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has pledged to generate 2 million jobs in India and invest $26 billion in the country by 2030. This commitment follows a successful meeting between Andy Jassy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States.

    During their discussions, Prime Minister Modi and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy focused on various aspects to support Indian startups, boost employment growth, promote exports, drive digitalization, and empower small businesses in India to expand globally. In the minutes shared by Andy Jassy, he expressed his dedication to investing $26 billion in the country by 2023. Additionally, he pledged to digitize 10 million small businesses and facilitate $20 billion worth of exports. Andy Jassy also shared the key highlights of the meeting on his microblogging account.

    Building upon their previous accomplishments of digitizing over 6.2 million small enterprises, facilitating over $7 billion in exports, and creating more than 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs, Amazon India is now poised to fulfill these commitments. With their recent celebration of ten years in India, Amazon has empowered over 1.2 million Indian businesses to sell billions of dollars’ worth of products online and reach customers in every operational pin code across the nation.

    Neha Raj
    Neha uses his broad range of knowledge to help explain the latest gadgets and if they’re a must-buy or a fad fueled by hype. Though her specialty is writing about everything going on in the world of virtual reality and augmented reality.



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