Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Long-Term City Review: Navigating City’s Chaos

In a city where chaos is the norm and roads are a blend of challenges, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 has been put to the test, clocking up 1500km in the bustling city of Mumbai. This month’s report provides insights into the pros and cons specific to city riding, shedding light on what makes the Himalayan 450 a reliable companion in the urban jungle.

What We Liked:

  1. Seating Ergonomics: The Himalayan 450 proves its mettle in comfort, offering a near-perfect seating triangle and an ideal seat-handlebar relation for riders around 5’9″ or 5’10”. The spacious yet accessible seating minimizes stress on arms and shoulders during traffic-filtering maneuvers.
  2. Ride Quality: Equipped with Showa suspension, the Himalayan effortlessly conquers Mumbai’s bumpy and poorly-surfaced roads. The longer travel of the suspension, coupled with well-tuned spring rates and damping settings, ensures a smooth and stable ride, even over challenging terrains.
  3. Light Clutch: Daily commutes become more bearable with the Himalayan’s surprisingly light and finger-friendly clutch. The ease of operation, especially during prolonged use in heavy traffic, adds to the rider’s comfort.
  4. Strong Brakes: Reliable and empowering brakes play a crucial role in quick commutes. The Himalayan’s brakes, despite a bit of play at the lever, provide ample bite, power, and feel, instilling confidence in the rider.

What We Didn’t Like:

  1. Tiny Mirrors: The Himalayan’s rearview mirrors, a recurring issue in Royal Enfield models, offer a limited field of vision, impacting rear visibility. The need for double or triple takes before changing lanes slows down the rider.
  2. Engine’s Nature: While the 450cc engine impresses with its performance, the low-end requires effort and careful coordination between the clutch and throttle to prevent stalling. The engine’s tendency to run warm in stop-and-go traffic adds a level of discomfort. Additionally, the engine’s sound quality falls short of modern expectations.

What’s Next: In the upcoming month, the Himalayan 450 will venture into off-road terrain, providing an opportunity to evaluate its prowess in exploration and adventure.

Product Details:

  • Make: Royal Enfield
  • Model: Himalayan 450 Summit
  • Kilometres This Month: 1500km
  • Fuel Efficiency: 28.6kmpl
  • Price When Tested: Rs 3,50,469
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