Quantum Energy Partners With Battery Smart to Revolutionize Electric Two-Wheeler Mobility

Quantum Energy, a key player in India’s electric two-wheeler market, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Battery Smart, the country’s largest battery-swapping network for electric vehicles. This collaboration aims to leverage Battery Smart’s expansive network of over 900 swap stations across 25+ cities to facilitate seamless battery swapping for Quantum’s electric scooters, addressing concerns related to range anxiety and prolonged charging downtimes.

By integrating Battery Smart’s battery-as-a-service model, Quantum Energy and Battery Smart empower businesses to confidently scale their electric fleets. This innovative approach eliminates concerns about battery replacement costs, thereby reducing the overall ownership expenses associated with Quantum Electric scooters.

Battery swapping, also known as battery switching, is a transformative electric vehicle technology that allows battery electric vehicles to replace depleted battery packs with fully charged ones, presenting a viable alternative to traditional recharging at charging stations.

Ms Chetana C., Director of Quantum E-Scooters, emphasized the partnership’s significance in advancing the transition to electric last-mile transportation. “By facilitating convenient battery swapping for our commercial fleet customers, we aim to lower their EV ownership costs and provide the assurance to expand their electric fleets across India,” she stated.

Yogiraj Gogia, Senior Director of Partnerships and Fleet Business at Battery Smart, added, “This partnership is geared towards accelerating EV adoption in India by granting innovative commercial EV fleets access to our extensive network of swap stations, thereby encouraging more drivers to join the EV revolution.”

Quantum Energy’s electric scooter lineup in India includes the Bziness series, featuring variants such as Bziness Pro, Bziness Lite, and Bziness S.

With Battery Smart’s network strategically positioned in proximity to high-density delivery and traffic areas, Quantum Energy scooters can efficiently service routes, enhancing overall operational efficiency for businesses transitioning to electric fleets. This move promises lower maintenance costs, reduced emissions, and a diminished carbon footprint across mobility operations.

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