Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner Goes Hybrid: Increased Mileage and Power Await

Toyota Fortuner Embraces Hybrid Power: A Greener, More Efficient SUV

In a significant move towards greener and more efficient mobility, Toyota has announced the inclusion of a mild hybrid diesel powertrain in its next-generation Fortuner. This bold step signifies Toyota’s commitment to enhancing the environmental performance of its popular SUV, without compromising on power and performance.

Transitioning to Hybrid Power

The upcoming Fortuner will bid farewell to its traditional diesel engine, making way for a modern mild hybrid diesel powertrain equipped with a 48-volt system. This transition is expected to bring about several noteworthy improvements, including enhanced mileage and reduced emissions.

Unlocking Greater Mileage

One of the most compelling reasons behind Toyota’s shift to hybrid power is the potential for improved mileage. The current Fortuner, built on the IMV platform, will make way for next-generation models constructed on a more versatile platform. This shift is indicative of Toyota’s broader global SUV strategy. The introduction of auto stop/start technology and the mild hybrid system is projected to increase mileage by a significant 10 percent.

Elevated Refinement and Performance

Beyond the fuel efficiency gains, the new Fortuner will also benefit from added refinement. The integration of an electric motor and torque boost promises a smoother and more powerful driving experience. Expect substantial improvements in both power and torque compared to the current Fortuner.

Design and Features

While the design specifics of the new Fortuner remain undisclosed, it is likely to draw inspiration from Toyota’s global SUV lineup. Additionally, the forthcoming model is expected to offer a more luxurious and feature-rich experience than its predecessor. The mild hybrid setup will contribute to lower emissions and, of course, an enhanced mileage figure.

Preserving Diesel Engines

Although it is yet unclear whether the new Fortuner will adopt a strong hybrid system, the shift towards mild hybridization serves as a strategy to uphold diesel engines. This is especially significant for the Fortuner, which is widely recognized for its diesel powertrain. The introduction of the Fortuner Mild Hybrid is anticipated in 2024.

A Strong Contender: Innova Hycross

While the Fortuner remains a beloved and popular SUV in the Indian market, Toyota’s commitment to innovation is evident with the upcoming Innova Hycross. The new Fortuner is expected to offer a higher level of sophistication and performance, albeit at a potentially higher price point.

As Toyota’s Fortuner continues to evolve, it positions itself as a forward-looking SUV, embracing hybrid technology for a cleaner and more efficient future.

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