Maruti Fronx Velocity Edition: All You Need to Know

Maruti Suzuki has introduced a special edition of its popular Fronx crossover, the Fronx Velocity Edition. This new variant comes with minor cosmetic changes and enhanced features, adding a touch of exclusivity for buyers. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the Fronx Velocity Edition offers.


The Fronx Velocity Edition is a special edition of the standard Fronx, available across all its variants. Priced starting at Rs 7.29 lakh (ex-showroom), this edition is designed to offer more style and appeal.


The Fronx Velocity Edition is available exclusively through the Nexa chain of outlets, similar to the standard Fronx. This ensures that customers get a premium buying experience along with their new, stylish crossover.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Base Sigma Variant

Even the base Sigma variant of the Fronx Velocity Edition comes with distinctive cosmetic upgrades. These include:

  • Black and red garnish on the front bumper
  • Enhanced grille design
  • Stylish headlamp detailing
  • Accentuated wheel arches

Delta, Delta+, and Delta+ (O) Variants

Moving up the range, the Delta, Delta+, and Delta+ (O) variants feature:

  • Red side body and rear bumper trim
  • Rear spoiler extension
  • Red ORVM covers
  • Door visors
  • Illuminated door sills
  • Red designer mats

Delta+ Turbo Variant

The Delta+ Turbo variant benefits from:

  • Black seat covers
  • Carbon finish interior styling kit

Zeta and Alpha Variants

For those opting for the higher-end Zeta and Alpha variants, the Fronx Velocity Edition offers:

  • Bordeaux-finish seat covers, adding a touch of luxury to the interior.

Engine Options

Initially launched in February earlier this year, the Fronx Velocity Edition was offered solely with the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. However, Maruti Suzuki has expanded the options, and the Velocity Edition is now also available with:

  • 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine
  • CNG powertrain

This range of engine options ensures that buyers can choose a variant that best suits their driving needs and preferences.


  • Base Sigma Variant: Starting at Rs 7.29 lakh (ex-showroom)
  • Delta, Delta+, Delta+ (O) Variants: Higher trims with added features
  • Zeta and Alpha Variants: Top-end options with luxury interiors


The Maruti Fronx Velocity Edition brings a fresh and stylish twist to the popular Fronx crossover. With its range of cosmetic enhancements and expanded engine options, it caters to buyers looking for a unique and personalized driving experience. Available exclusively through Nexa outlets, the Fronx Velocity Edition is set to attract a wide range of customers with its appealing design and versatile features.

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