Kolhapur to Host New Manufacturing Plant for Brixton Motorcycles in India

KAW Veloce Motors Brings Brixton Motorcycles to India : Strategic Partnership Announcement

KAW Veloce Motors Pvt. Ltd., a key player in India’s automotive sector and part of the KAW Group, has formed a strategic partnership with Brixton Motorcycles Austria, a brand under the Austrian family business KSR Group GmbH. This collaboration aims to introduce a range of stylish and affordable motorcycles to the Indian market.

Setting Up a Production Facility

To meet the growing demand for unique and quality two-wheelers in India, KAW Veloce Motors and Brixton Motorcycles Austria plan to establish a manufacturing facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. This facility will not only cater to the Indian market but also support the local economy by creating jobs and boosting industrial activity.

Launch of Four New Models

The partnership will kick off by launching four Brixton motorcycle models in India during the upcoming festive season. The models include:

  • Crossfire 500X
  • Crossfire 500XC
  • Cromwell 1200
  • Cromwell 1200X

These motorcycles are known for their retro-inspired designs, affordability, urban riding suitability, and customization potential. Brixton’s emphasis on stylish design, competitive pricing, and urban practicality is expected to appeal to a broad range of Indian riders.

Meeting Market Demand

This partnership aims to leverage the extensive experience and strong family legacies of both companies in the manufacturing and retail industries. By combining their strengths, they intend to meet the growing demand for unique and high-quality two-wheelers in India.

Two-Phase Expansion Plan

Brixton Motorcycles Austria and KAW Veloce Motors have outlined a two-phase expansion plan. In the first phase, they will set up the Kolhapur manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of over 40,000 units. This phase will focus on introducing the existing range of Brixton motorcycles, with engine capacities ranging from 500cc to 1200cc.

The second phase will involve the joint development of new products specifically tailored for the Indian market at Brixton’s Austria Design Center, alongside expanded manufacturing capabilities.

New Era of Urban Mobility

The unveiling of the first set of Brixton Motorcycles in India is set to mark a new era of urban mobility, featuring MotoHaus-inspired outlets in key cities like Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and more. These outlets will offer a blend of heritage, technology, and accessible luxury.

Focus on After-Sales Service

Given India’s status as one of the largest motorcycle markets globally, the partnership aims to deliver products that stand out in design, quality, and riding pleasure. Both companies are committed to providing exceptional after-sales service through a vast dealer network across major Indian cities.

Brixton ModelEngine (cc)Price (Est. Ex-showroom)Comparable Royal Enfield ModelPrice (Ex-showroom)
Crossfire 500X500₹3,50,000 – ₹4,00,000Classic 350₹1,90,000 – ₹2,21,000
Crossfire 500XC500₹3,70,000 – ₹4,20,000Himalayan₹2,15,000 – ₹2,28,000
Cromwell 12001200₹6,50,000 – ₹7,00,000Interceptor 650₹2,88,000 – ₹3,15,000
Cromwell 1200X1200₹7,00,000 – ₹7,50,000Continental GT 650₹3,06,000 – ₹3,32,000

Future Prospects and New Models

Enthusiasts can look forward to new models from Brixton Motorcycles, such as the Storr 500, an adventure touring bike set to launch globally in November and subsequently in India. This strategic partnership highlights the commitment of both KAW Veloce Motors and Brixton Motorcycles Austria to excellence and innovation in the two-wheeler industry.

About KAW Group

Founded in 1962, the KAW Group has been a cornerstone in the manufacturing industry, providing essential machinery and spares for sugar mills and agro machinery globally. Their extensive expertise and understanding of the automotive retail sector led to the inception of KAW Veloce Motors Pvt. Ltd. (KVMPL), India.

Leadership and Vision

Under the leadership of fourth-generation leader Tushar Shelke, KVMPL aims to introduce renowned global two-wheeler brands to India, starting with Brixton Motorcycles. This vision aligns with KVMPL’s goal of setting high standards in motorcycle production, ensuring quality and innovation.

Brixton Motorcycles’ Heritage

Brixton Motorcycles, part of the KSR Group GmbH, has a rich history spanning over 25 years. Founded by the Kirschenhofer brothers, descendants of Otto Petermichl, the company has become an international entity known for producing affordable and stylish motorcycles. Their models, inspired by classic designs and integrated with modern technology, have gained popularity in Europe and Asia, especially among younger riders and urban commuters.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in bringing high-quality, stylish, and affordable motorcycles to Indian riders, reinforcing the commitment of both KAW Veloce Motors and Brixton Motorcycles Austria to innovation and excellence in the two-wheeler industry.

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