Innovation in Motion: Missile Electra Bike, A DIY Marvel Offering Sustainable Commuting

In the vibrant city of Roorkee, where innovation thrives, a young inventor named Aamir Malik has electrified the streets with his groundbreaking creation – the “Missile” bike. More than just a mode of transportation, the “Missile” is a symbol of ingenuity, affordability, and eco-conscious commuting, covering an impressive 60 kilometers on a mere ₹5 of electricity.

Aamir’s Journey of Innovation

Aamir Malik’s journey began with a mission to combat the rising costs of petrol and the environmental impact it brought. Fueled by passion and a desire to make a difference, he spent two months crafting the “Missile” – an electric bike that stands out not just for its cost-effectiveness but for being a homegrown creation.

Crafted with Care

Unlike store-bought e-bikes, the “Missile” is a labor of love, meticulously built by Aamir and his brother-in-law from scratch. Every weld, wire, and component reflects their dedication, resulting in a sleek, powerful machine that runs on electricity and turns heads wherever it goes.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

The “Missile” is not just about cost savings; it’s a champion of sustainability. With a range of 60 kilometers on a single charge, powered by just ₹5 worth of electricity, Aamir’s creation challenges the notion that eco-friendly transportation has to be expensive. It is a cost-effective solution that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

The “Missile” – A Symbol of Hope

Aamir’s bike is more than just a means of travel; it’s a symbol of hope and innovation. It champions:

  • Cost-effective commuting: Aamir’s creation proves that sustainability can be affordable.
  • Pollution reduction: Each kilometer on the “Missile” is a win against air pollution.
  • Innovation inspiration: Aamir’s story inspires inventors and environmental enthusiasts alike.

As the “Missile” roams the streets of Roorkee, it isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a catalyst for discussions about the future of transportation. Aamir dreams of mass-producing the “Missile,” making sustainable commuting accessible to a wider audience and reshaping how we travel.

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