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    Harley Davidson Street 750: Revving Up the Roads with Power on a Budget

    Unleash the Spirit of Cruising with the Premium Street 750 – An Affordable Marvel from Harley-Davidson


    For enthusiasts seeking the thrill of the open road on a cruiser, the Harley Davidson Street 750 emerges as a premium choice at an unbelievably low price, challenging the conventions set by Royal Enfield. Let’s explore the powerful features, impressive mileage, and the opportunity to own this iconic bike at a discounted rate.

    Powerful Features of Harley Davidson Street 750:

    • 749 cc double cylinder liquid-cooled engine, delivering 60 NM torque and 47 bhp power
    • Disc brakes with dual channel ABS for enhanced safety
    • 13.1 liters fuel capacity for extended rides
    • Analog and digital instrument controls, single seat type, passenger footrest, and average fuel economy indicator

    Mileage and Design:

    • City mileage of 24.99 Kmpl, highway mileage of 27.6 Kmpl, and overall mileage of 25 Kmph
    • Accelerates from 0 to 100 Kmph in 6.59 seconds
    • Suitable for riders of all heights with a weight of 229 Kg
    • Stylish design featuring halogen headlights, LED tail lights, and turn signal lamps
    • Powerful suspension and tubeless tires for a smooth ride

    Buying the Harley Davidson Street 750 at a Low Price: For those eyeing this premium cruiser at a discounted rate, the website’s used category section is the place to explore. A well-maintained Harley Davidson Street 750 with only 3,700 kilometers on the odometer, listed by its first owner, is available in brand new condition for just Rs 3.5 lakh.

    In Shorts:

    • The Harley Davidson Street 750 offers a premium cruiser experience at an affordable price.
    • Features a robust 749 cc engine, disc brakes with dual channel ABS, and a generous 13.1 liters fuel capacity.
    • Impressive mileage of 24.99 Kmpl in the city and 27.6 Kmpl on the highway.
    • Stylish design elements include halogen headlights, LED tail lights, and turn signal lamps.
    • Grab the opportunity to own this bike at a discounted price from the used category section on
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