Driving India’s Net Zero Ambitions: Experts Emphasize Electric Vehicles as Key Catalyst

In a notable discussion during the National Science Day celebrations, experts converged on the idea that embracing electric vehicles (EVs) could be a significant driver in helping India achieve its net-zero targets. This transition not only holds promise for environmental sustainability but also creates opportunities for new businesses to flourish in the country.

Synergy Between Industry and Academia:

Experts emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration between the EV industry and academia to catalyze innovation and sustainable solutions. Dr VK Saraswat, Member of Niti Aayog, underlined the role of guidelines and standards, particularly the installation of EV charging stations where oil companies could play a pivotal role. The success of EV mobility, he stated, would hinge on a combination of innovations, technologies, public-private partnerships, and well-thought-out policy decisions.

EVs as Drivers of Economic Growth:

Experts across various sectors connected to the EV industry agreed that electric vehicles serve as significant contributors to both economic growth and environmental sustainability. Dr Anita Gupta, Head of Climate, Energy, and Sustainable Technology (CEST) Division at DST, stressed the need for collaborative efforts involving academia, startups, and stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition toward electric mobility.

Government’s Supportive Measures:

Acknowledging the positive momentum, industry players lauded the government’s recent move to enhance the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) India Phase II scheme. The Ministry of Heavy Industries increased the scheme outlay from Rs 10,000 crore to Rs 11,500 crore under FAME India Phase II. This augmentation is anticipated to boost infrastructure development, encourage widespread EV adoption, and ensure the sustained longevity of electric vehicles throughout the nation.

In conclusion, the consensus among experts is that electric vehicles not only align with India’s net-zero aspirations but also represent a transformative force that can propel the nation towards a sustainable and innovative future.

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