Batteries and Beyond: Winter Care Tips for Your Motorcycle

As the winter chill sets in, motorcycle enthusiasts need to take extra precautions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride. From engine oil changes to smart parking choices, here are some expert tips to keep your bike in top shape during the winter months.

Change engine oil and filter:

Using the right engine oil is crucial during colder temperatures. Change the engine oil and filter before winter to ensure optimal lubrication and protection for the engine’s moving parts.

Take care of bike maintenance:

Regular servicing is paramount, especially in winter. Timely maintenance, oil changes, and cleaning the air filter can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering issues during the cold season.

Get fog lamp headlight installed:

Enhance your visibility during foggy conditions by installing an anti-fog lamp bulb in your bike’s headlight. This simple addition can be a lifesaver, reducing the risk of accidents while riding in challenging weather conditions.

Take care of the battery:

Batteries tend to discharge quickly in cold weather. Give your battery the attention it deserves during winter. If your battery is aging, consider replacing it to avoid starting issues during the chilly season.

Do not park the bike in the open:

Cold weather can cool down the engine oil, making it harder to start the bike. Park your bike under a roof or in a closed place to prevent this issue. If parking outside, use a cover for additional protection against the elements.

Use kick start:

Opt for the kick start before relying on the self-start feature, especially in winter. Kick-starting the bike at least once a day eases the strain on the cold battery when starting the engine. Kick-start, accelerate gently, and embark on your ride.

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