Harmonizing Holi: Your Zodiac Guide to Colors in 2024

As the festival of colors, Holi, approaches on Monday, March 25, astrologer and Vastu consultant Hitendra Kumar Sharma shares personalized recommendations for each zodiac sign. Align your Holi festivities with the cosmos and embrace the joyous spirit of this Hindu celebration.

Aries: Vibrant Reds for Passionate Play

Aries individuals are encouraged to immerse themselves in vibrant red hues, symbolizing love and truth. Embrace the auspicious qualities associated with this energetic color during your Holi celebrations.

Taurus: Purple and Orange – A Taurus Tapestry of Prosperity

For Taurus, ruled by Venus, the Holi palette suggests purple and orange. These colors represent growth, stability, and prosperity, resonating with Taurus’s essence of security.

Gemini: Green Revelry with Friends

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is advised to celebrate Holi with green colors, preferably amidst friends. The natural hue aligns with Gemini’s communicative and adaptable traits.

Cancer: Dive into Blue Serenity

Cancer individuals, guided by the Moon, find luck in blue hues during Holi. Immerse yourself in the serenity and calmness associated with this color, creating a soothing celebration.

Leo: Ignite the Festivities with Orange

Leo, ruled by the Sun, finds auspiciousness in the color orange during Holi. Ignite the festivities with the vibrancy and warmth associated with this lively shade.

Virgo: Earthy Elegance with Yellow

Virgo, ruled by Mercury and representing the earth element, is advised to celebrate Holi with yellow colors. Share this vibrant hue with sisters and aunts for an earthy and elegant celebration.

Libra: Balancing Hues of Blue and Saffron

For Libra individuals, governed by Venus and representing the air element, Holi celebrations should feature blue and saffron colors. Achieve the perfect balance while immersing yourself in these hues.

Scorpio: Dive into the Color Spectrum

Under the influence of Mars, Scorpios can freely select any color for their Holi festivities. Dive into the color spectrum and let your emotions guide your celebration.

Sagittarius: Embrace the Divine with Yellow

Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter and representing the fire element, are advised to choose yellow for Holi. Embrace the divine blessings associated with this auspicious color.

Capricorn: A Rich Palette of Reds, Purples, and Browns

Capricorn, governed by Saturn and representing the earth element, should indulge in reds, purples, and browns during Holi. Immerse yourself in this rich palette for a grounded celebration.

Aquarius: Dark Hues for Auspicious Vibes

Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, finds auspiciousness in dark colors during Holi. Opt for dark hues to resonate with the celestial energies and enhance your festive experience.

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